What is included in the $699. Summit Fee?   All classroom, image reviews, lectures, loaner gear and special gifts.  The fee does not cover;  travel,  lodging, or meals.

How much field time is included in the Event and will the X-Photographers be with us in the field?  Yes, we will have several morning and evening shooting sessions.   The group will be divided into smaller groups of 15 each and one of the Fujifilm X-Photographers will be with each group in the field.  All attendees will get at least one field session with each of the instructors.

How many attendees will be at each summit? We will have around 40-50 attendees per event. Havinf  four Fujifilm “X” Photographers along with FUJIFILM personnel will provide more than enough time for each attendee with each team member.

What is the general itinerary for each day? Wash morning will feature a morning shooting location, hopefully a good sunrise! We’ll follow that with a late morning presentation in the main room… lunch then 2-3 presentations each afternoon ending between 5 and 6 PM.  Each evening will feature one main presentation(about an hour) We plan on at least 2 presentations per FUJIFILM “X” Photographer as well as presentations and demonstrations by FUJIFILM personnel on topics ranging from the technical to the creative uses of their gear.

When and in what format will image reviews take place? Each of the FUJIFILM “X” Photographers (The Team) that will be with you for your time a the summit,  are workshop leaders as well as professional photographers. They all agree that during their workshops, image review sessions are incredibly valuable. We will have one main image review session that will run for 2-3 hours or so, with breaks. Each attendee can if the wish submit ( via thumb drive–JPEG 1600ppi longest side and 72 DPI) 2 images for review. During the review,  each of the “X”Photographers will comment on the image and even perhaps make some adjustments on the computer to show how they may alter the image if necessary.

 What are the starting and ending times of the Summit?   Each Summit will begin at 7:00 p.m. on the Thursday night of the Event, it will end on the Sunday evening of the event.

How do I get lodging information?   This information will be sent to you upon your competed registration.  All lodging is in quality accommodations at reasonable prices.

Will all the X OR GFX Photographers be present for the entire Summit?   Yes, all of the team will be with the attendees for the full time of the summit.

What equipment will you recommend attendees bring to the Summit?  That information will be sent out after registration along with information regarding :what to bring, expected weather etc.

Can spouses attend the Event?  Yes, but if they will be in the classroom they will require a separate registration.

What level of photographer is the Summit designed for?   While anyone an attend, the material will be best suited to intermediate to advanced photographers

How is transportation during the field events handled? We do not technically provide transportation for field events, however car pooling will be used. We typically have enough vehicles available that you should be able to ride along with another attendee should you want to. We will depart each morning from the hotel we base our operations from ( See registration information)

Can I get the latest firmware for my cameras and lenses at the event?  Yes, Fujifilm Tech reps will assist you as well as loan out gear during the event.

Do discounts from other Jack Graham or Bill Fortney workshops apply?  In order to keep costs down for these summits, unfortunately we can not apply discounts to the summits, however every summit attendee will be eligible for the normal “returnee discount” –10% on future Jack graham / Bill Fortney Fujifilm Workshops.

Jack & Bill also conduct workshops exclusively for Fujifilm “X”System Users. How do these summits differ from the workshops?  Anyone can attend the summits regardless of what camera system(s0) they may use. Though the summits do have some field sessions, the majority of the event will be made up of presentations, breakouts, image reviews and other sessions that will help improve your nature and travel photography. We’ll stress both the technical as well as creative parts of photography. Ample time will be dedicated by 4 Fujifilm “X” Photographers and Fujifilm Tech people to make your your cameras and lenses are working to their limits.

Bill and Jack’s field workshops have less time to cover everything the summits do, but more time in the field.

Both are very different, but viable and well worth attending.